• Career and Technology Education Department



    Last May, our Legislature approved Regulation 43-236 in which “school districts will offer in high schools and/or career or technology centers a full complement of courses within a minimum of two career clusters to enable students to complete an approved sequence of Career and Technology Education coursework leading to a career goal. A student will have “completer” status upon meeting the requirements in an approved sequence of courses, and which must require at least three Carnegie Units.” All Business, Finance, Marketing, and Information Technology programs of study are now 3-unit programs of study. The sequence of courses will be very specific to the federal description of that program, as well as lead to an industry credential or certification, and allow time in the student’s schedule for a work-based learning experience/apprenticeship.

    Student Definitions

    A CTE Concentrator is secondary student with an assigned Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code who has earned three Carnegie Units of credit in a state-recognized CTE program. “Concentrator” is a federally mandated designation under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV). A state-recognized program must consist of an approved sequence of career and technology education courses leading to a career goal and must include the minimum number of Carnegie units of credit required for the program.

    A Completer is a CTE concentrator who has earned all of the required units in a staterecognized CTE program identified by the assigned CIP code.

    Note: It is possible for a student to become a CATE Concentrator and a Completer during the same time frame.

    Presently, the CTE Department at Denmark-Olar High School offers four programs: Agriculture Business, General Management, Marketing Communications, Family and Consumer Sciences.