What Is A School Improvement Council (SIC):

    ·         A broad-based community advisory group

    ·         Established in state law over 35 years ago

    What Do SIC Do?

    ·         Assist and provide input in developing their school’s five year Improvement Plan

    ·         Write and issue the annual SIC Report to the Parents

    ·         Provide input on expenditure of incentive funds (Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards)

     SIC Membership:

    ·         Composition (2/3) (1/3 is set by state law with five (5) primary membership categories):

    *Parents (elected for staggered two-year terms)

    *Teachers (elected for staggered two-year terms)

    *Students ( Grades 9-12; elected for staggered two-year terms)

    *Community members (appointed as terms established by laws)

    *Ex-Officio (principal required by law, other individuals by virtue of their position,    

      Knowledge or experience; such as Assistant Principal, PTO Rep, Business Partner, Past 

      SIC Chair, Title I Parent Advisory Rep)

     SIC Elections:

    ·         Annual election of SIC members should be concluded by October 15 per statute

    ·         SIC officers (chair, vice chair, secretary, should be elected by the SIC itself prior to November 15

    Reporting deadline

     SIC Meeting Minutes:

    ·         Minutes should be a record of SIC action, not a transcript of the meeting

    ·         Capture votes or any actions taken and brief descriptions of any discussion

    ·         Record SIC members present and absent

    ·         Circulate draft to all SIC members and vote on minutes at next SIC meeting

    ·         Maintain copies of approved minutes

     Developing SIC Bylaws:

    ·         Bylaws are your SIC’s rules of thumb

    ·         Should cover the following: Purpose- membership, election/appointment; tenure-officers/duties, meetings, voting; training-amendments

      SICs and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):

    ·         SIC are considered “public bodies” as defined by South Carolina law (Title 30, Chapter 4)

    ·         Meetings are open

    ·         Records are open

     SIC Goals:

    ·         Caring Adults-safe places, a healthy start; effective education-opportunities to help others

    ·         Set 1 to 4 goals aligned with the Five-Year Plan

    ·         All SIC members should have a copy of the Plan

     Reporting on SIC Work:

    ·         SIC issues (April 30) the SIC Report to the parents outlining progress for the current school year

    ·         With the principal, the SIC writes the annual narrative for the SC School Report Card