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Student Achievement, Accountability, Attendance-Turning It All Around

  • Community Eligibility Provision

    Community Eligibility Provision

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    Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan


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  • American Rescue Plan


    On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan was signed into law, providing Bamberg School District Two with funding from the Department of Education's Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER III). These funds are intended to address the impact COVID 19 has had on our district and school districts across the country. ESSER III funds have fifteen allowable uses. Bamberg Two is seeking community input to determine what priorities to focus on with this funding. The district is also seeking input regarding maintaining health and safety as we return to full in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year.
    Please take a moment to complete our public comment form to assist us in our planning.Thank you for helping Bamberg Two as we plan to use our ESSER III funds to provide the best support possible to our students moving forward.

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  • 2021 Senior Class Graduation

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  • Consolidation Approval for Bamberg 1 and Bamberg 2

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  • Verizon has been made aware that a very small number - less than .001% - of certain Verizon internet hotspots (devices called “Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L an MHS900LS”) used for distance learning have significantly overheated and caused heat related damage.Verizon and the device manufacturer are investigating the cause of those incidents and we are working with Verizon to provide options for exchanging your device if you so choose. More information about how to exchange your device will be provided as soon as it becomes available.  

    To help promote the safe operation of all devices, the manufacturer suggests the following best practices:

    • Use only approved charging cables, including the cable provided.
    • Unplug your device once it is fully charged. Devices should not be left plugged in continuously.
    • When not in use, power down your device.
    • Place your device on a flat, solid, and sturdy surface such as a floor or table.
    • Ensure your device is not covered for proper ventilation.
    • Keep devices near room temperature when in use.
    • Do not expose the units to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.
    • Do not expose the unit or its battery to water or other liquids.
    • Do not drop the units and do not insert foreign objects into the battery or unit.
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     Message from the Superintendent 

    Bamberg School District Two is in a unique position.  We stand at the cusp of so many exciting events and opportunities.  As we gaze to the horizon of a new morning sun, we can see a brand new school, Pre-K – 12 rising up out of the rich, black soil that will provide 21st century, cutting edge educational opportunities for our students.  It is so auspicious that the faculty, staff and students anticipate resources and educational experiences as we eagerly await the new day.  However, in the meantime, we continue to delve into our strategic plan that includes focus on academic growth and accountability. 

    Our students continue to make significant progress in academic areas, athletics activities and general innovative performances and rankings.  We are providing additional technology for each school, along with professional development that impacts student performance and faculty growth.  We are in the first steps of implementation of understanding the impact of poverty on student success.  We have initial plans to provide mobile internet service to all students who attend Denmark-Olar High School, with the capability of access at home and on the school bus.  Students in both communities will be able to use the access.  Students will receive laptops that can be used for up to four years.  With the purchase of additional math technology programs, students are expected to gain additional progress in core and supplemental math classes.  Our students at each school are gaining momentum in attendance and are expected to meet the goal of 100%.

    As all of these factors unfold, the curriculum has been under revision and will impact student learning through guided steps and procedures.  The exceptional children’s program has added additional technology, equipment and training for the students, faculty and staff.  All training, supplies and materials strengthen and advance our enduring academic purpose and focus for the year. 

    We continue to partner with Denmark Technical College and Cope Career and Vocational Center to provide dual credit and vocational courses for our students.  We partner with Voorhees College to incorporate internships and coordinate academic efforts for students’ progress and success.  A recent award of the 21st Century grant at both our elementary and middle schools will allow the district to provide additional after school programs for students four days per week.

    As we continue to regard the growth of the whole child, the district included the involvement of the Wellness Initiative for faculty, staff and district employees.  Focus on healthy eating, exercise and habits are stressed throughout the district.  We aim to maximize on the development of promoting nutrition, healthy bodies and minds that ultimately lead to academic and emotional progress.

    We engage rigor, diversity and inclusivity in our daily schedules to ensure student needs are met.  We are inspired with the unique opportunity to imagine Bamberg School District Two for generations to come.

    “Student Achievement, Accountability, Attendance-Turning It All Around”  

    Dr. Thelma F. Sojourner,




Parents & Students

  • Dear Parents and Students:

    The safety of our students continues to be of utmost importance. Schools that are safe and productive for all students lead to the foundation of high expectations and increased academic performance. As this year begins, let me again remind you of the district’s policies and expectations for school safety.

    The School Resource Officer helps monitor the buildings and grounds, and ensures that students are protected and safe at all times. Safety cannot be compromised. We must provide a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. Therefore, students must acknowledge and abide by the policies, rules and regulations that govern the process of safety.

    There are legal restrictions on smoking in school and on the school grounds. There are also regulations on respecting teachers and administrators, and laws prohibiting drug use, consuming alcoholic beverages, and bringing weapons to school. None of these activities help student learning and they often cause behavior that is not helpful to receiving a good education. Students that violate legal restrictions, including the use of marijuana, other drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, or possession of weapons, shall not be allowed to remain in school or attend alternative school.

    There is to be no fighting or bullying in the schools, on the school grounds or on buses. Nothing can happen between two people that cannot be settled in a rational, peaceful, and productive manner. We have a school resource officer, counselors, peer mediators, teachers, and principals who are willing to help in all situations. Student conduct is a reflection on the school and we must have a wholesome, positive attitude to perpetuate learning.

    The Board of Trustees supports the district’s policies and rules and will uphold the laws that govern our schools. Above all, everyone who attends Bamberg School District Two has a right to be secure in his or her own body and property. Bullying and the use or possession of illegal substances or weapons will not be tolerated. We must respect each other and each other’s property.

    Please be assured that we take all precautions to provide safety for our students, faculty and staff. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


    Dr. Thelma F. Sojourner



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  • Proviso 1.53:  Posting of all Health Education Materials - see Curriculum tab.


    Chronic Absenteeism Reporting Requirements

    As part of the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, beginning in December 2017, the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) will require the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) to report “chronic absenteeism” for all districts. The report will be based on 2016–17 attendance data.

    How is Chronic Absenteeism (CA) defined?

    • According to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), any student who is absent a minimum of 10 percent of his or her enrollment period in the current school – for any reason (e.g. illness, suspension, excused or unexcused) – is considered chronically absent.
    • According to the (OCR), an absent student is one who misses 50 percent of the instructional day for any reason, regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused.
    • In accordance with the OCRs’ guidance, a student is absent if he or she is o Not physically on the school grounds o Not participating in classroom instruction o Not participating in instruction-related activities at an approved off-grounds location for the school day

    How often are school districts required to report chronic absenteeism?

    School districts are required to report chronic absenteeism every school year.

    What grade levels are reported for chronic absenteeism?

    Chronic Absenteeism will be reported for students in grades K–12. There are no age exemptions.

    Are there a minimum number of days a student must be enrolled before he/she is counted in the chronically absent data set?

    Yes, a student must be enrolled a minimum of ten days to be included in the chronic absenteeism data set.



    Are the chronic absenteeism reporting requirements different from the truancy reporting requirements?

    Yes. The chronic absenteeism report will include all students who have accumulated a minimum of 10% absences (excused and unexcused) during their enrollment period. The truancy report will only include students, between the ages of 6–17, who have accumulated three consecutive unlawful (unexcused) absences or a total of five unlawful (unexcused) absences.

    Will the chronic absenteeism reporting requirements impact the truancy reporting requirements?




    Grades K - 12




    Chronic Absenteeism                                           


    • Counts all absences; excused, unexcused & suspensions

    • Emphasizes academic impact of missed days

    • Uses community based, positive strategies

    • Counts only unexcused absences

    • Emphasizes academic impact*

    • Relies on interventions and legal solutions*

    • Emphasizes compliance with attendance rules

    • Emphasizes the economic implications


    Bamberg School District Two



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  • Dear Parent/Guardian:

    As you may be aware, the South Carolina Read to Succeed Act, which became law in 2014, aims to improve literacy and reading proficiency for all children in our state. The law includes some significant changes regarding promotion and retention of third grade students. Please note, these changes do not take effect until the 2017-2018 school year. The 2016-17 school year's second grade students will be the first group of third grade students to be impacted by this portion of the Read to Succeed legislation.

    The law states, "Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, a student must be retained in the third grade if the student fails to demonstrate reading proficiency at the end of third grade as indicated by scoring at the lowest achievement level on the state's summative reading assessment that equates to Does Not Meet on the South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Assessments (SCREADY).." There are a number of exceptions to this requirement in the law. Your child's principal will be able to discuss these exceptions with you.

    Please be assured that our district's goal is for all students to be proficient readers in the third grade and for no student to be retained for failing to demonstrate reading proficiency. The district is putting supports in place to improve student success. These supports may include additional instructional time, small group and individualized instruction, and targeted interventions. Classroom teachers and school administrators are receiving specialized literacy training and support from the school-based reading coach and consultants.

    If you have questions or need additional information, please contact your child's principal or your child's teacher. You can also find information about Read to Succeed on the South Carolina Department of Education web page


    Read to Succeed Frequently Asked Questions

    Act 284, Read to Succeed legislation, was created in 2015 to address literacy performance in South Carolina and put in place a comprehensive system of support to ensure SC students graduate on time with the literacy skills they need to be successful in college, careers and citizenship. Act 284 provides for a strong assessment and intervention system for students kindergarten through twelfth grade with a goal of all students becoming proficient readers by the end of third grade.

    Read to Succeed Frequently Asked Questions(PDF 102 KB -12/08/2016)

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