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    Walter Baker, Principal

    Dr. Betty Benjamin, Guidance Counselor

    Tiffany Glover, Secretary


    Mr. Baker

    Welcome to Denmark-Olar Middle School: (DOMS)


    During my 20-year career in education, I have been involved with a number of school districts throughout South Carolina. My prior assignments and my DOMS experience — first as a teacher and now as principal — have made it clear to me that our students are as capable as any group of middle schoolers in our state.

    As in other districts, successfully preparing students to overcome the challenges they will face in higher education and as a part of the workforce depends on open communication, supportive relationships, and strong commitment. To maximize our students’ success DOMS has implemented:

    • Interim Report Cards
        • Timely information about grades, work completion, and behavior gives parents the opportunity to reinforce positives and counteract negatives.
    • Monthly Newsletter
        • The DOMS newsletter is a way to communicate upcoming events and report on past ones of interest.
    • Academic Nights
        • Our academic nights provide an opportunity for parents to get to know teachers, experience classes that their students are taking, and learn something new!
    • Parent Portal
        • This tool allows parents to check students’ progress easily and often.
    • Phone Calls
        • Besides individual calls made by parents, teachers, and administrators, DOMS has the ability to call groups. These “robo-calls” make circulating accurate information to large groups easy.
    • Test Score Information DOMS students can compete with any others on any stage, but each of us have our part to play. Please help your youngsters and my devoted faculty and staff by:
      • Standardized tests like Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and benchmark are given throughout the school year. DOMS uses the scores to determine what concepts have been mastered and what areas need to be revisited. DOMS looks at individual scores and trends to determine enrichment activities.
      • Ensuring your child gets a good night’s sleep.
      • Taking an active interest in the work your child is doing at school.
      • Encouraging your student read for pleasure for at least twenty minutes each night.
      • Communicating often with your child’s teacher.

    It is a pleasure to be part of you and your child's life.  If you need to get in touch with me or anyone on the DOMS staff, please call (803) 793-3383.


    Mitch Baker,


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